Hi, Im Shu.

I am a Perth native, though with my love of travelling I consider myself a citizen of the world. I’m addicted to all things photography and I love that with my trusty camera I can freeze time and capture memories. When I’m not behind the lens you can find me trawling YouTube for 90s R&B music videos, watching horror movies, eating finger lickin’ BBQ ribs or getting my chopsticks around some tasty Japanese food. I also am deeply obsessed with my super cute puppy, 'Royce da K9'.

Forever inspired by pretty and ugly things and constantly seeking beauty in everything in between. When I’m not at home in this fair city of Perth, you might find me pounding the streets of New York City, Tokyo, Melbourne or Singapore.

My background is in graphic design but I’ve always felt a draw to photography from the time I bought my first “big black camera with a big lens” even though I was totally clueless in how to use it. That was ten years ago and the first time I ever travelled around the world. Fast forward to now, many trips and a couple of passports later, I’ve developed an even greater love for photography and from this love, Soul of Shu was born.

Established in 2013, I have seen my first photographic exhibition, entitled On The Grid, sell out and travelled to Tokyo to shoot my first fashion editorial.

My photography is candid, modern and fresh with a slight twist of urban style. I offer a boutique photography service and am passionate about providing my clients with unique and beautifully timeless images that will be treasured from now until infinity.

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