What is Family Photojournalism?

family photojournalism — also referred to as visual storytelling or documentary photography — has much less to do with coordinating clothing and sitting for a portrait... and much more to do with celebrating and capturing what is beautiful in your ordinary life. I come into a family’s home for 1 or more hours while they are doing “normal” activities together. no one is asked to stop and look at the camera or even to smile. instead, as you play and work together i’m there silently creating a series of images that tell a story about this particular season in your family’s life together. this can be done to mark a transition, to document a life season that is fleeting, or just because.

Why would you want a photojournalism session? 

Because those portraits you had taken a few years ago in the coordinating clothing at magic hour at a park… those are pretty, but they don’t tell anyone much about the people that you are. it’s a bit like you were put inside of a ready-made template, golden and groomed, but not so much different than the next family. 

but these are the sorts of images that begin to really express something of the quirky wonder that is your particular family. these are the images that get more precious with time. you’ll be able to sit down and look at them in 5+ years and remember the texture of your son’s hair when he was an infant, and that particular facial expression your daughter made when she was in the first grade, the way that your house was decorated when you had only lived in it for a year, and the fashion choices you made then that have changed so much since. these are the sorts of images that when your kids will look back on them as adults, they’ll be plunged into a sea of remembrance, researching their personal histories in the myriad details of the each photograph. through the eyes of my camera, i hope you’ll be able to see with fresh perspective the incredible life you’ve been given to live and the beauty of the people with whom you’re sharing it.

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